You are in love! It’s great. 

Pick up your phone and go for it; It was early morning when the doorbell rang and here it is! The moment you have been waiting for, you do a little happy dance from inside as you pick it up, meanwhile, somewhere on the other corner of the world, we are smiling wondering about your own little chuckle-worthy moment. Slowly you pull the ribbon, listen to the rustling of the paper while you unwrap, skip a heartbeat, your senses are all indulged in the softness and the rawness of the moment.

Just when you find a little note inside, from me to you, and that’s how it all started.

You take a deep breath, before you pick it up, your own little perfectly imperfect treasure. You exactly know how it is the perfect missing piece that you had always thought about. It’s exactly what you needed to break the monotony of the day, to seize and make it your own.

We understand your love to document memories and marking milestones has assumed new importance amid the disruptions of the pandemic. You have found out a new way to appreciate daily life and new ways to celebrate. A way to share moments in a tangible way as a sense of connection.

We together can share your personal little joys with the world. Be it pouring coffee, arranging flowers or dripping candles, these are all precious and authentic moments to cherish. To capture a moment, it is about understanding that moment, identifying the elements that make up that moment, and we at Osmos studio will take care of all those little elements that you need to satisfy all your Instagram cravings to make the captures worthy. We bring you easy to put together, but oddly satisfying minimal objects those will help you to express your moments of gold.
To the times when we are all distant, we are trying to create experiences and moments and build connection through emotions that you can share with the world, and make it treasurable and certainly, ‘Instagram worthy’. Now, It’s time to pause the recording, get up, take a walk, pick nature, and play dress-up with your little thingy, you are in love with. Create your own wonderland and capture everything to relive again. And yes! don’t forget to keep your square window open to let others peep and maybe have a little crush on your thingy while you flaunt ‘your love’! ;)
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