9 Ways To Style Your Vases with flowers | Living Room Decor Ideas

9 Ways To Style Your Vases with flowers | Living Room Decor Ideas

Styling the vases rightly is as essential as buying a new one for your home decor. Here are a few different ways you can decorate the vases you have or planning to have in you homely space.

1. Exotic flower

Flowers like Protea, Banksia, Tulips and Anthuriums are few exotic ones which are leading the trend. Though a bit expensive, these flowers work perfectly if when they are old and dry.

Our Polo vase with exotic protea flower 

Donut vase with exotic flower | Protea flower


2. Bunch of fruits

These natural fruit bunches can bestow life like styling to your vases. Pick a bunch of grapes or berries from your nearby garden and add them to your vases.

Yuri M vase with Bonsai grape bunch

Minimal black vase for home decor

3. Twigs and Branches

This is perhaps the most easiest way of styling your beloved vases. Just go for a stroll and pick a twig and add to you vase, that’s it. Try picking the branches which are long , branched and differently sized to give a tree like vibe in your decor.

Black Donut vase with dry twigs and branch

Black Donut Vase with dried flower and twigs


4. Bonsai

Bonsai styling is roaring trend across the world. These cute mini replicas of natural fruits provide a feeling of nurture and growth to a space. We have done a tangerine bonsai in our Yuri L Vase.

Big vase for living room in India


5. Pampas

Perhaps the most trendy thing in the decor world, pampas has become an icon for any boho and minimal home decor. We always recommend adding a few dry florals for diversity and texture to the styling. Blow dry once in a while to keep them fluffy.

Assorted pampas bunch in our Mezo vase

Pampas bunch in a white sculptural vase


6. Dry florals

Dry florals brings unique texture and diversity to the styling. Try mixing different twigs, branches and leaves required for the vase but never over fill your vases with too many of them. Long life and low maintenance make the dry floral perfect for your home.

Donut vase with assorted floral bunch

Donut vase with assorted floral bunch


7. Keep it BARE!

Our vases are sculptural and can easily become a focal point of the interior space, sometimes even without any additional styling. We just love the bare look of the vase especially in well lit spaces.

Featuring Mezo Vase

Black vase for bedside table and living room vase


8. Fresh flowers

Visit the neighbourhood flower shop once in a while to pick some interesting fresh flowers like lotus pods, tulips and sunflowers to add a life infused energy to the vases. Try sticking to one theme at a time for a better aesthetic pleasure.

Featuring our Mini olio vase


9. Craspedias

Craspedias are coloured genus of flowering plants native to Australia and New Zealand. These cute little billy buttons bring a joyous vibe when styled with any vase.

Iris Vase with Craspedias

Millenial Purple glass vase for the living room decor



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