Love Yourself With The Ultimate "Homegrown" Valentine's Day Gift Guide

By Riya Sharma | Posted Feb 12 2022

Come Valentine’s week and we’re all attuned to the drill of pondering and perfecting our gift choices. While some of us are trying to woo an ex back or planning to surprise the bumble match you’ve been seeing, a  perfect gift comes in handy for making the day of love even more special.

However, I urge all of you to honour your forever Valentine this year. Yes, I’m looking right at you! It’s about time that we appreciate our own existence and bite into that delectable slice of self-care. Forget about masking your retail impulses as you take your pick from our hearty edit for catered specifically for this Valentine’s Day. From scented candles to elegant bling, it’s time to romance yourself dear reader and take your pick!

Self-love isn’t always about going loud and larger than life. Sometimes it’s the little moments of stillness and minimal memories that fill our hearts with joy. Osmos’ homeware collection captures what is sure to bring a positive aura to your life. After all, there’s nothing more romantic than embracing your sense of aesthetics!

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